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Investigation of PFAS Exposure via Drinking Water and Diet


Elevated levels of PFAS in drinking water were discovered in 2018. This study is investigating possible ongoing sources of exposure such as local and homegrown foods.

The Phase 2 Report back is now available (see link below) and includes all blood and water as well as food and soil results previously reported. It also has a new summary page, additional context on medical screening from the National Academies, notes EPA's new interim health advisory for drinking water, and has added information about fish and home gardens.

Everyone who provided samples for the study should have received their individual results in the mail. If you did not and would like to, please reach out to us by phone, text or email: 269-281-4005 and

We plan to do another report back next year with the overall results of exposure assessments for water, diet, and the indoor environment. Study participants will be notified via text and email. Materials and a video recording with be posted here.

Vegetable Garden


Call or text: (269)281-4005

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